Civil projects

Ritz Carlton Residences

Owner: Sunny Isles Property Venture, LLC.

Scope: The project consisted of the excavation and dewatering for concrete foundations, flatwork of all grades, sidewalk, curbing, asphalt, etc., and the beach renourishment of approximately 19,000 CY of imported, truck hauled beach sand.



Turnberry Beach Renourishment

Owner: Beach Club Acquisition LLC.

Scope: This project including the trucking and placement of 12,500 CY of new mined sand on the beach in accordance with FDEP, DERM, and other applicable permits, while also extensively coordinating with building residents the City of Sunny Isles for safe, prompt completion.



2000 South Ocean Drive

Owner: Kar Hall 2000

Scope: This project consisted of multiple portions, from clearing and grubbing the initial site for mobilization, to the mass excavation of the building’s foundation, to utility installation and truck hauling material to the site for grading and final elevations. This project presented its own unique set of challenges with the exceptionally small footprint and access to the street, each and every delivery had to be coordinate with the General Contractor and other trades in order to efficiently keep the project moving.



Acqualina Beach Renourishment

Owner: A3 Development, LLC

Scope: This project consisted of spreading and grading approximately 25,000 CY of imported sand to the Beach of Sunny Isles ranging from FDEP Range Monuments R7 to R10. The profiles for a section of the areas being renourished went from the crest of the beach and had the toe upwards of 100 feet into the water. This meant heavy coordination of the construction work with the flow of the tide, as well as continuing to adapt our construction means and methods in order to deliver a successful project within the scheduled timeframe.